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This is Advanced Level research ethics training!

You have ended up on this website for two reasons: A - you have done all the task on the Research Ethics Compass website, or B - you scored quite high in the diagnostic test. In any case - well done! You are now ready to learn some new tools that will help you deal with ethical dilemmas that may emerge during research process. Please study the two tools presented below and get ready to implement them in the cases provided below. You will benefit most if you use the material with a couple of friends or colleagues (in a group of 2-4).

Kitchener's ethical principles new.jpg

Tool 1 presents ethical principles (Kitchener, 1985) that can help you identify which categories may have been violated in a case. Occasionally, you may think that something 'feels' wrong in a certain situation. This tool will give concepts and terms to word the problems.

Tool 2 ethical analysis new.jpg

Tool 2 presents the ethical analysis framework (Mustajoki & Mustajoki, 2017) that can help you learn how to deal with an ethical dilemma.  Doing this step-by-step analysis will guide you towards the best possible course of action while considering all the relevant stakeholders with their rights and responsibilities as well as possible courses of action and their implications.


Before you go to group-work activities, take some time to think about VIRTUES and VICES. 

Look at the words below and divide the VIRTUES - in the middle - and VICES - left and right. You may also watch the video about the topic below.

Now pick a case to develop your ethical analysis skills!

Shadow on Concrete Wall







Data management


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