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Data Management - report

Please read the case and take the role provided for you. Pinpoint possible ethical issues that may arise and comment on them. Then do the tasks that follow.

Your research team is  doing research involving preschool children. Part of your data collection scheme is to video record some planned activities during a regular day at the school. You have asked the children’s parents for informed consent. Slightly over half of the parents have consented, and you feel pretty good about your upcoming data collection. On the day of the activities and recording the children whose parents had not consented to their child participating in research had to be taken to another room for the duration of the data collection. You have planned that it like this because, it will be easier to set up the cameras and to manage the data if you have only those children in the room for whom the parents have given their consent. As you then, with the help of a preschool teacher, guide the remaining children out of the room, they begin to scream and some start to cry. They feel that they are being punished for something and that they will miss out on a fun activity that the others will do. 

1. Identify which ethical principles may be present in this case, justify your answers/give examples

2. Use the ethical analysis to learn about the case and provide solutions

3. Additional questions:

  • How could such a situation have been prevented?

  • Did the team do everything right?

  • Which measures could have been invented/used during writing the Data Management Plan?

  • How to plan to get informed consent?​

In case you have problems with answering the questions, you may consult with support material

Thank you!

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