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Dissemination - report

Please read the case and take the role provided for you. Pinpoint possible ethical issues that may arise and comment on them. Then do the tasks that follow.

Your team is getting close to submitting the article for publishing - you have chosen a renowned international journal. You know that some members of the team have not contributed as much as the others. In addition, you have gotten a hint that there might be a conflict of interest between one member of the team and the funder of the research. Yet, this member has contributed most to the research. 

1. Identify which ethical principles may be present in this case, justify your answers/give examples

2. Use the ethical analysis to learn about the case and provide solutions

3. Additional questions:

  • Should you first deal with the conflict of interest or contribution of team-members? Why?

  • Who is responsible for the content of the publication? Do they all know it?

  • How could the conflict of interest be dealt with?

  • How will you organise the sequence of authorship? Why?

  • How will you guide your team through the review process? What does it entail?

  • What will you advise your team to do in case the article is not accepted in the journal you had chosen?

In case you have problems with answering the questions, you may consult with support material

Thank you!

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