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Planning - report

Please read the case and take the role provided for you. Pinpoint possible ethical issues that may arise and comment on them. Then do the tasks that follow.

You have early stage researchers in your team, who work on your project and whom you mentor. They are responsible for conducting a part of a bigger research on discriminatory practices in workplaces, and you want to make sure they do it in accordance to the relevant procedures and regulations. Some of the researchers will act as job seekers of ethnic background. They will call employers and monitor employers’ reactions to the information about their background. The employers will not know that they are they/their reactions are target of scientific research. The scientific contribution of the project is that it helps to reveal how racist attitudes and discriminatory practices may emerge and how common they are across certain job sectors. 

1. Identify which ethical principles may be present in this case, justify your answers/give examples

2. Use the ethical analysis to learn about the case and provide solutions

3. Additional questions:

  • Which codes of conduct do they need to be aware of? Do they know where to find them? Is there any way you can assure that they have understood the content? Is training required? Who will provide it?

  • Are there special requirements and protocols which should be taken into account in this research approach? Would an ethics review be required? Why or why not? How do you think journals would react if you do not address ethics review in any way?

  • Are there potential risks or harms connected to this research/the subjects? How to avoid/minimise them?

  • What is the impact of your research? Does the potential impact override potential harm, and if so, why?

  • What will the researchers do with data? Is the Data Management Plan needed? How to compile it?

In case you have problems with answering the questions, you may consult with support material

Thank you!

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