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This is Leadership Level research ethics training!

You have ended up on this website for two reasons: A - you have done all the tasks on the Foundation Level  and the Advanced Level ethics training websites, or B - you got the highest scores in the diagnostic test. In any case - well done! You are now ready to further develop your research ethics competencies. 

Dealing with cases on the Leadership level combine competencies from previous levels but the new aspect to ethical dilemmas is provided by the variety of approaches you can apply to ethical analysis: consequentialist, rule-based or virtue-based.


Please study the visual below to see how to deal with ethical cases on this level. You may first choose a ready-made case or insert your own case. Then apply the ethical analysis steps and evaluate the provided courses of action from 3 ethical perspectives.

LL ethical analysis (1).jpg

Research Ethics Leadership Principles

Please look at the table below and contemplate, which leadership competencies would help build the culture of integrity in your institution. While you deal with cases, take the role of a Research Ethics Leader and try to integrate the competencies into your ethical analysis. (TL - Transcendental Leadership: Cardona 2000; Sanders et al. 2003; EL - Ethical Leadership: Trevino et al. 2003; Crews 2015; AL - Authentic Leadership: Avolio and Gardner 2005)

REL table.png

Now pick a case and try to analyse from the Research Ethics Leader's perspective.

Field of Flowers


Delivery Service

Data Management

Neat Stationery


Abstract Shapes


Hair Comb


DIY Plant Hanger

Your case

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