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Conduct - report

Please read the case and take the role provided for you. Pinpoint possible ethical issues that may arise and comment on them. Then do the tasks that follow.

You are guiding a group of early stage researchers and there seems to be some apprehension on how collaborative work in research is carried out. There are some members of the team who are not aware of the expectations of team work as well as tension increasing among team-members based on work division and relationships - namely, you have divided the tasks according to the researchers’ skills and capacity and think you have done it fairly. But some team-members feel that you are favouring others and feel that everything should be exactly the same.

1. Identify which ethical principles may be present in this case, justify your answers/give examples

2. Use the ethical analysis to learn about the case and provide solutions

3. Additional questions:

  • Are all the team members aware of their part of conducting the research? How can you find this out?

  • What kind of training will they need?

  • Which measures will you use to support clarifying the common goals and everyone’s individual tasks?

  • When dividing tasks, how will you consider individual strengths and weaknesses? How does this show?

  • How to ensure smooth workflow in the team? 

  • How will you act if you see a potential ethical misconduct (e.g. bullying, fabrication results, etc.)?

In case you have problems with answering the questions, you may consult with support material

Thank you!

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